Local Moving Companies in Chesapeake, VA

Local Moving Companies in Chesapeake, VA 2022-04-07T20:41:01+00:00

When you are looking to move, local moving companies near your moving destination are your best option because they know the area better than national companies do. If you are looking for moving companies in Chesapeake, VA, look no further than A Friendly & Affordable Mover! You’ll find that we truly live up to our name.

Full-Service Movers

Many moving companies only take part in the literal moving part of your relocation, transporting your possessions from one location to another. At A Friendly & Affordable Mover, we find joy in doing much more than that to assist you with your move.

Beyond loading and unloading our moving trucks of your possessions, we help you pack and unpack your stuff on both ends of the move. We provide packing supplies, and we’ll even help you arrange your furniture when we reach your destination.

Need to store some stuff? We also offer storage services. In fact, once you’re ready to remove your possessions from storage, we will help you move them into your home and unpack them.

Whether you’re moving between neighborhoods in Chesapeake, VA, or you’re coming all the way from Maine or Florida, A Friendly & Affordable Mover is here to help you comfortably move to Virginia. Call us today at (757) 689-0935 to discuss your moving needs.