Moving Tips

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General Tips

  • Have all boxes sealed on the top and bottom with tape. This prevents your items from falling out in the truck.
  • Have all boxes labeled with their room destination.
  • Wrap pictures and have them boxed and sealed
  • Stack lamp shades inside each other and box them. This will prevent any punctures or damage.
  • Books should be packed tightly in small, sealed boxes.
  • Remove pendulums from clocks or have them secured tightly to the base of the clock.
  • Grandfather clocks should be secured by a clock man.
  • Have all fragile articles packed and secured separately in durable boxes.
  • Have light colored cushions (couch, love seat, etc.) bagged in large trash bags.
  • You should keep all valuables in your immediate possesion. These items should be moved by the owner: jewelry, watches, money, expensive artwork, legal documents, etc.


  • Clothing may be left in dresser drawers. Hanging clothes should be boxed in wardrobe boxes.
  • Wrap and pack small clothes.


  • Dispose of any food that may spill or spoil in your new place.
  • Have refrigerators and freezers empty when movers arrive. (Food, shelves, pans, & trays.)
  • Have stoves disconnected, If gas, be sure gas lines are shut off tightly and capped. Pack any loose parts separately in a place you will remember.
  • Have all kitchen utensils, pots, and pans clean and packed in boxes.


  • Drain all oil and gas from lawn mowers and any other gas powered tools. We may not move flammables, aerosol cans, paints, thinners, guns, ammunition, or hazardous materials.

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